Monday, 5 March 2012

Authentic Japanese Uniform

So I work at a Japanese restaurant and noticed the style of the uniform are different to the uniforms in English, Italian, American restaurants etc. You don't see many places with uniforms in this style. To me, I think this style reminds me of a Kimono which Japanese people wear for festivals. The long wide sleeves gives it a similar look and you can say this makes it look more of a Japanese traditional clothing. 

The silky material that crosses over the body gives it a flowing effect and also I think the colour plays a big part in this uniform. The colour brown reminds me of the wooden boards that you get in Japanese homes, similar to the one in the background. 

Here's a full length picture of the uniform. The outfit is being held together by some sort of silky waist belt similar pattern to the material wrapping over the body. The sleeve has some Kanji written on there.

I think compared to the English style uniforms, the Japanese style really does make it look a lot more unique.
 Maybe because of my personal taste? Or maybe because I'm in England? 

Whatever the reason, I love how you wrap it round your body holding it with a silky waist belt and having the wide long sleeves. I think the sleeves plays a big part in this Traditional Japanese style. 
I would love to wear a Kimono one day but I guess maybe this waitress uniform is kind of similar to a Kimono? 

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