Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Since I was 8 years old, I grew an interest in Origami. It was my mums friend that randomly folded a T-shirt out of paper that really fascinated me. I was really impressed as a child and so she decided to teach me. Since then I became more interested in this art form and moved on to learning to fold other objects. 

Origami never fails to impress people. I live in England, so maybe very few people know Origami so they tend to find it amusing. I find that Origami is more of an asian thing and is more well known in Asia than it is here, in Europe. 

Origami's a beautiful thing. It gets people so confused as to how you made something so beautiful and delicate out of one piece of paper.

I wonder if people will still be as impressed as the people here?

Here are my Origami's:

The one above is a Lilly. One of my favourites! 
 Heart with wings. Works better with different coloured sides. 
 Butterfly. Relatively simple, but hard to remember I'd say. 
 Love Heart. You can fold this using a £5 note if you wish. Always makes a great gift! 
 T-shirt. This was the first one I learnt.
 Star shaped box. Quite handy to store stuff in. 
Cranes. Probably one of the most popular and well known one in the world. 

I give a lot of my Origami away to my friends and family as gifts. It is a great way to impress people :D 
Where did I learn these? I had friends who knew some Origami and I also buy Origami books. Some instructions won't be easy to follow. But nowadays you will find a lot of video tutorials on Youtube. 

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