Friday, 20 April 2012

Asian Disney?

Have you heard of Studio Ghibli before? They are a series of anime films by Hayao Miyasaki. Studio Ghibli was formed in 1985, although their first film they released was "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind"in 1984 before Studio Ghibli was founded it is still classed as one of the Studio Ghibli films. 

Studio Ghibli kind of reminds me of Disney a bit but in Asia, I'd say Studio Ghibli is their type of Disney although Disney itself is also big in Asia too. 

I was very young when I first watched these films. The first film I watched was "Grave of the Fireflies" I remember enjoying watching it but I was too young to understand any of it. I became more of a fan when Spirited away came out, absolutely loved it. Since then, I have became a massive fan of theirs. 

Its interesting how Studio Ghibli creates films that seems to be aimed at children because of their style of art, but then the story is a bit complicated for a child to understand. Japanese producers likes to create films with a deep meaning within their storyline. Each of these films has a deep meaning in them which I think shows an important lesson in life that people don't realise. 

This is my collection of the DVD's so far. I've not got many but I plan to collect them all one day hopefully. 

What is it that I like so much about Studio Ghibli?

  • I love their art work 
  • Their secret meanings in the story. You have to look and think deep to understand what they're trying to show to you. 
  • The storyline. Unlike Disney where the princess finds their prince, Studio Ghibli films shows determination and courage, saving the planet, creating peace rather than a fairytale. 
  • I am a massive fan of their music. My favourite music composer Joe Hisaishi composes music for Studio Ghibli films 
  • Each film has its unique story 
  • They use a lot of female heroins 
  • I'm a big Japan fan so the language is also a plus for me 

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