Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kawaii cupcake!

I found him in one of those grabbing machines in the arcades! Thought he looked really cute and I just instantly knew I wanted him :) This is actually meant to be a cupcake. 

I couldn't help but look at this cupcake and think about how it is related to the Kawaii culture in Japan. 
Kawaii means cute in japanese so I guess you can guess what type of culture that is.

What makes it cute? 

The first thing I recognise when I look at this cupcake is the face. The face gives it a personality, not just because it has a face but also the expression of the face it shows. Its like a cupcake has come to life! The strawberry and the cookie added on top of the cupcake are very girlie and childish taste. I think this makes it a bit mischievous and fun along with the expression kind of winking at the customer tempting them to 'eat me', we all know too much cupcakes are bad for you, but you can't help your temptations when you see something pleasing to the eyes. Lastly, its a cupcake. Whats not to love about cupcakes? Kids especially love cupcakes as much as adults.  

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