Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I remember when I was working at Yama sushi on the 3rd February a Japanese customer came in and asked for a Futomaki without it being cut into pieces. I thought it was quite strange because its hard enough to eat a sushi in little pieces.

A Futomaki is a really big sushi roll that has cucumber, inari (tofu skin), radish, avocado etc.

Afterwards she explained to me that every year on the 3rd of February japanese people would order a what they call a Eho-maki in Japan similar to the Futomaki. With this you're meant to eat the whole sushi roll facing a specific direction. She explained that each year you face a different direction. It is said that if you do this without talking to anyone until you finish eating your sushi roll, they believe it will bring you good luck for the whole year.

I find stuff like this very interesting and I too was tempted to give it a try. I'll remember to do it next year.

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