Monday, 9 April 2012

Japanese Lemonade

Not quite sure what they call this drink in English. This Japanese Lemonade drink has a tint of bubblegum taste in it. I really like the bubblegum taste to this which makes it different from any other drinks invented.

What amuses me the most about this drink isn't the flavour, but the bottle design which kept me amused. In order to open up this bottle, you must use that green cap to push the marble into the bottle. I needed to use quite a lot of force to push the marble in which fizzed and bubbled up as it went into the drink. I found it very fascinating at first, seeing a marble bubbling inside the bottle. 

Before the marble got pushed in

Marble inside the bottle (You can see the bubbles surrounding the marble)

For some reason, I was very entertained just by shaking the bottle about hearing the marble rattle against the glass. Apparently the bottle was designed for little kids to play with in Japan, but I couldn't help but think how dangerous it would be if they smashed it up. Although the bottle was quite secure and strong. I liked the marble idea so much that I tried to take the marble out of the glass bottle by picking the mouth cap open, but it just seemed impossible. The only solution I can think of is to smash the glass, which might not be a wise idea. 

The cap feels very pleasant to drink out of with the smooth, round surface. 

I have never come across a bottle design like this before. 

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