Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Fantasy Piano Collections

So one of my favourite thing about Final Fantasy is their music. I admire their music so much! Their music composer is very well known to people who are fans of video games. 
His name is Nobuo Uematsu. One of the most famous music composers in Japan. I absolutely love the music they composed for the games and they released Piano collections from the music. 

I was inspired when I first heard their piano music and knew that I had to learn to play the piano because it sounded so beautiful. It is surprising how just this one game has inspired me in different ways. 

Being a big fan, I plan on collecting all the Final Fantasy piano collection books. However it isn't easy to get ahold of being in the UK. Its a shame that none of our music stores have these books in stock. So I'm having to order them online which costs a lot considering shipping costs too. 

So far I only have 2 piano books of theirs. This one is Final Fantasy 8, but this isn't the piano collection. This one is just the original soundtracks just played on piano which I don't think sound as good as the piano collections. 

 Final Fantasy 7 Piano Collection. I was so happy when I first got this! 

Why am I so interested in Japanese piano songs more than english?

Most of the piano songs I hear in english are mainly classical which kind of sound similar to each other. I find that it doesn't express emotions enough. I do still like them very much. But I have grown to love
Final Fantasy piano music so much that I can't stop and move on until I've learnt the songs that I loved. Maybe this could relate back to my childhood memory too?

With english games, I find that the music isn't as important in their games because they don't express it as much as they do in Japanese games. They use the same theme for each series which doesn't make each game as individual as they should be, or maybe thats how they want it to be seen?

Music always expresses the story more and makes it more dramatic which is what I love about these Japanese games. Now their music is really big around the world especially asia, where they started doing tours and concerts which I really want to see at some point. I am truly touched with their music.

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