Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I interviewed 4 people about their interest in Japan. Its interesting to see other peoples thoughts on Japan as well as my own so I prepared 10 questions.

Q1 - What do you like about Japan? 

Person1: Culture, anime, traditional architecture, sense of pride in work, meritocracy, language, history and natural beauty

Person 2: I really like the culture and i find it unique and intriguing like the tradition with samurai's, pagodas etc. The modern side is cool, beautifully futuristic cities. Being a video games fan, I have grown to love the country through their superior creation. I gained huge respect for their abilities in the field of study.

Person 3: Their creativity, food, video games.

Person 4: Pretty, clean, hi-tech, very cool. They have a lot of innovative stuff invented.

Q2 - At what point in your life did you first find an interest in Japan? 

Person 1: Since 18 when I started to study Japanese. 

Person 2: I guess I have been interested in Japan almost as far as I remember. Played games since the age of 4 and was aware of the fact that the best ones were made in Japan. As I got older, I took more and more interest in the country. I started importing games from Japan in early teens. Always wanted to learn the language so I could understand it all. Interest kept growing and I find it all really fascinating and unique. 

Person 3: 2001/2002 when Metal Gear Solid 2 came out and realised it was a japanese developer. 

Person 4: 14-15 

Q3 - What interests of yours are related to Japan? 

Person 1: Anime, Games, Japanese Novels. 

Person 2: Video games. I think most people with an interest in Japan find enjoyment out of all Japan's entertainment exports. I however, have never really got into anime or manga comics. Not a massive fan, but I think traditional Japanese music interests me also. The old Japanese instruments such as biwa, shakuhachi, taiko etc. Nothing as enduring as my passion for Japanese video games, but it's something I find interesting. 

Person 3: Video games, food (sushi) and art such as manga. 

Person 4: Food, technology (gadgets), beauty products and make-up. Not keen on clothes because I find them a bit too funky for me. 

Q4 - If you went to Japan, where would you visit first? 

Person 1: Tokyo. Capital of Japan. 

Person 2: Although the traditional side of Japan is very interesting to me, it would have to be ultra modern city of Tokyo! I'm more of a city person, and Tokyo seems like such an amazing city. So much to see and do! 

Person 3: Kyoto. Would rather see the more traditional side first. 

Person 4: Countryside and traditional area. Maybe some place like Kyoto. 

Q5 - Is there anything you collected over the years made/originated from Japan? 

Person 1: Gundam models and anime. 

Person 2: Japanese video games and import games. I had Japanese versions of each major console but I used to buy games from a mail order shop in Leeds who specialised in Japanese imports. Buying import games is rare for me now, but I still collect PAL versions of video games from my favourite Japanese companies such as Sega, Namco and Capcom. 

Person 3: No, nothing really. I wouldn't be counting manga, it's hardly a collection. 

Person 4: Studio Ghibli movies. 

Q6 - What do you find negative about Japan? 

Person 1: Can be quite sexist. Xenophobic (not welcoming to foreign people and culture) and unpleasant history. 

Person 2: I think the danger of the country is something that puts me off slightly. Obviously it cannot be helped, but the frequency of earthquakes would be quite terrifying for foreigners. Foreigners find the fact that they feel an earthquake about twice a week very frightening and although the natives I know are used to it, they still find the prospect of another large earthquake very unsettling. I would fancy living in Japan for at least some part of my life, but the constant possibility of danger is obviously a negative. 

Person 3: Some of their attitudes are stuck in the past, but that counts for over here to a lesser extent. For example, women are still seen as second to guys. 

Person 4: Quite patriotic. Keeps to themselves and quite strict with their culture. I think its not good to live there if your not Japanese. 

Q7 - Would you ever consider living there permanently? 
If yes, Why? 

Person 1: Yes, nice place to raise kids and good education. 

Person 2: Yes, I would definitely consider it. I'm a little patriotic, so staying in England is ok by me, but if I had to pick a country to go and live, Japan would be my top choice. Plus it's the home of the industry I like the most, so if I get a chance to work making games in Japan, that would be a dream of mine. 

Person 3: Am considering it after university. Ideally now. Would like to get a job in games either in Konami or Square. I find their industry is better than the UK's. 

Person 4: No, can't speak their language. 

Q8 - Do you have any important object/collection that relates to Japan? 
What makes you so attached to them? 

Person 1: No

Person 2: I have many games and things from Japan that holds sentimental value, due to them being bought for me by my parents. Although I could make a fair amount of money selling them, it wouldn't feel right, they are important to me. Also I have a really nice scarf which was knitted for me by my Japanese girlfriend, that is really important to me! 

Person 3: None. 

Person 4: No. 

From interviewing others, I have learnt a few things. I learnt that the majority of the people who find an interest of Japan are mainly through the Japanese entertainment fields such as video games, anime etc. There's nothing about the Japanese technology or entertainment that anybody dislikes. The majority are already considering to live in Japan at some part of their lives. Was very interesting to see other peoples thoughts on Japan. 

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