Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Gundam Models

Looking back on the interview I did in the previous post. I asked people if they collected anything that was related to Japan and Gundam was one of their collections. 

For those who don't know what Gundams are, It is a very well known Anime which has several series and movies. Asia has grown to love this Anime to the extent of building a real life size Gundam in Japan. The actual size that is shown in the Anime. I find that quite impressive. I'm not a big Gundam fan, but I would like to go and see the life sized Gundam one day and just compare the size of that machine. 

I know my brother collects many gundam models. Here is one of his model from his collection. 

The detail of this Gundam is quite impressive to say that it was built piece by piece with instructions.  

I asked my brother why he enjoys collecting Gundam models so much and his reply was:

"I think the Anime is really cool to watch with full of action and sci fi technology. I'm interested in their detailed technology and art of the machines which inspires me to collect and build their Gundam models. I enjoy following their instructions to completing the model and looking back at them makes me feel proud. Every Gundam is different so it is easy to be tempted to buy more."

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