Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Final Fantasy

What made me so obsessed with Japan?

Thinking back, I remember when I first sat and watched my brother play on a game called Final Fantasy. There was something about this game that really captivated me although the story was slow. Maybe it was the music, graphics and also the story combined with a fantasy twist that took me into another world. Since then I grew up playing Final Fantasy games, I knew it was made in Japan so as a child it was my dream to work for them. 

Final Fantasy is one of the most well known game in Asia and now everywhere in the world. This is by far one of my favourite game. Out of the many series of Final Fantasy, I can't decide my favourite although I wasn't so keen on the newer ones. 

(Final Fantasy also taught me how to read roman numerals) 

So here are FF10-2, FF10 and Dirge of Ceberus which is an extra from the number 7 series. 

 FF7 (one of the most popular) and FF8 

FF9 and FF origins (1, 2 and 3)

FF13-2 (the newest one) and FF13

FF12. I'd say this is probably my least favourite. 

So there are numerous reasons why I like Final Fantasy so much. But I wonder what other peoples opinions are for this game. 

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